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Ginseng cultivation on the FloraFarm

The Korean Ginseng is a perennial, which throws off all aboveground plant parts in the fall and then goes dormant.

Ginseng originally is a forest plant and therefore tolerates only little sun. Therefore, a sufficient shading of the ginseng fields is very important for the growth of the plants. In springtime, shortly before the sprouting of the plants, the shades are set up. In fall they will be removed to prevent damage to the construction by storm or snow.

Ginsengfeld im Sommer auf der FloraFarm

Another important aspect of the cultivation is to prevent waterlogging. The soil should be well drained. In addition, the beds are - similarly to asparagus cultivation - build up with "knolls" to drain rainwater quickly.

A thick layer of mulch, such as straw, holds enough moisture in the soil, protects the roots during wintertime against frost damage and reduces the growth of weeds.

Only after six years of growth, the ginseng roots are harvested in the fall. The plants should grow such a long time in order to achieve an optimal content of active agents - the ginsenosides -  in the roots and thus, meet the quality criteria for a high-grade remedy.

Jungbauer Clemens auf der FloraFarm beisst in Ginsengwurzel.

In an interview with Deutschlandradio Kultur  Heinrich and Gesine Wischmann report about the ginseng cultivation of FloraFarm. Various TV reports offer interesting informations about the harvest of ginseng at FloraFarm.

The red berries of the ginseng plant - wonderfully bright shining during midsommer  - are harvested annually. They are necessary for to set up new ginseng fields. Meanwhile the ginseng gardens of FloraFarm extend over an area of 9 hectares.

Quality guidelines

With plant medicine such as ginseng the methods of cultivation have a decisive influence on quality. FloraFarm works strictly according to the guidelines of Good Farming Practice (GFP) for herbal plants. Therefore, you won't find pesticides, heavy metals or other environemental pollutants in our ginseng roots. In addition, we base our approach on our special rule: "Sapientia lenta" (SL) - knowledge about the slow and steady way. This means, with regard to cultivation, those who wish to harvest good ginseng need much patience.

After washing and drying of the roots a part of the annual harvest is processed to an extract. In a gentle process, the active ingredients are concentrated in powder form and then filled into capsules. This ginseng extract also is used in FloraFarm cosmetics. Capsules and cosmetics are produced on behalf of FloraFarm by German pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers.