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How does ginseng work?

Ginseng is an "adaptogen"

After taking ginseng, the body is better able to protect itself against disturbing and illness-inducing influences from outside, or is better able to adjust to the burdens placed on it; i.e. it can adapt to circumstances.

The way in which ginseng works is not directed specially against specific illnesses but is, on the contrary, unspecific. So, a healthy body does not apparently react to ginseng. However, when it is subjected to stress or a burden, it can better cope with this than without ginseng (adaptogenic effect).

Ginseng stimulates - ginseng calms.

This protection can be effective against any kind of negative influences:  against physical, chemical and biological stress (eg radiation, allergy-causing environmental toxins or pathogens), as well as psychological stress at work or in difficult family situations.

The balancing effect

Ginseng has both stimulating, tonically and calming properties. An explanation for this are the active ingredients contained in ginseng, the ginsenosides: So it is well known that the two best studied ginseng agents are antagonists, which harmoniously complement each other as well as Yin and Yang in Chinese medicine.
One increases the blood pressure, has a stimulating effect and promotes the power and ability to react.
His opponent acts as a natural antihypertensive, soothes excitement and helps to relax.

The most important site of action of ginsenosides is probably the hypothalamusa region in the midbrain from which all hormonal and neural processes are centrally controlled, which serve to maintain the state of equilibrium in the body.

Get more information about the way ginseng acts in our animation!

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