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The ginseng plant - Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer

The official name Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer was given to the Korean ginseng plant in 1842 by the German-Russian botanist Carl Anton Meyer. Ginseng belongs to the plant family of the Araliaceae as well as for example our domestic ivy.

Korean ginseng originally grew only in the mountain forests of China and Korea. The plant is about 60-80 cm high, at its end are finger-shaped leaves that unfold like a hand. The root is of a human-like shape and has given the ginseng its name: "Ginseng" is derived from the Chinese "jen shen", meaning "man-like root".

The name "Panax" derives from the Greek and means "all-healing". Korean ginseng is referred to as "true" ginseng because it is by far the most valuable medically among all ginseng species. In Germany, only products from the genuine, Korean ginseng are approved as drugs. Only this one is grown and offered by FloraFarm.