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The FloraFarm Ginseng team

Gesine Wischmann

Gesine Wischmann im FloraFarm Ginseng Shop

... is the leading expert for ginseng in Europe. After studying business administration she started her career in the pharmaceutical industry. From there she followed the global development of ginseng cultivation as well as the medical studies on ginseng. A solid base to build up sales and distribution of her own products.

"Probably I am the biggest fan of ginseng in Germany. This medicinal root really has convinced me! Since my youth, I am dealing with it. First as a scholar, then as a student - at that stage I have taken ginseng roots for the first time and over a longer period of time - and since then I trust the power of this root. It is an (my) elixir!!!"

Heinrich Wischmann and Henrike Rodemeier

Ginsengpionier Heinrich Wischmann und Tochter Henrike Rodemeier von der FloraFarm mit geernteten Ginsengwurzeln

Heinrich Wischmann, down-to-earth farmer from Lower Saxony, who always keep his chin up and always is good for a surprise otherwise the success story of Korean ginseng from Germany would have never become true...

Henrike Rodemeier followed in her father's footsteps: She is a graduate farmer and has followed the first cultivation trials of her father from the beginning on – today she is responsible for the cultivation of the ginseng plants.

The FloraFarm team

A team of  20 employees taking care of your requests, questions and orders as well as of the culinary delights from the Ginseng Café.

Das Team von FloraFarm Ginseng in Bockhorn bei Walsrode

Who is who?
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1. row:    Gesine Wischmann, Heinrich Wischmann, Henrike Rodemeier
2/3. row: Nadja Jungblut-Olomu, Julie Cappelin, Volker Bostelmann, Christa Voss, Sabine Warnecke, Heike von Fintel, Kerstin Plesse, Marlies Dammann, Martina Müller, Dennis Koopmann, Elke Buschmann, Frauke von Hörsten, Birgit Süfke, Helga Ahlswede, Lydia Lemke, Susanne Schulz