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Studies and research about ginseng

Numerous scientific studies from the ginseng research impressively demonstrate the comprehensive effectiveness of ginseng, the use of which also reverts to 2000 years of experience.
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  • Ginseng and diabetes
  • Ginseng and cancer
    Ginseng relieves side effects of cancer and its treatment (cue: fatigue)
    Ginseng prevents cancer
  • Ginseng and the immune system
  • Ginseng and aging
    Ginseng - one of the best forgetfulness "killer"
  • Ginseng and sexual dysfunctions/menopause
  • Ginseng and skin and hair
  • Ginseng and the cardiovascular system 1:  blood pressure/blood count/blood fat
  • Ginseng and the cardiovascular system 2:  arteriosclerosis/thrombosis and stress
  • Ginseng and performance/quality of life

Ginseng for controlling the communication between the brain and thyroid