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Specials for groups

FloraFarm offers for groups

FloraFarm. One name - a choice of programmes.

You choose, we organize.

In order to prepare everything as desired, we ask you for an appointment in due time.

We offer free guided tours (duration: 60-90 minutes) through the Ginseng Gardens or alternatively an informative film.

Here you will learn everything worth knowing about the history, the cultivation and the effect of ginseng.

In our ginseng café, we can offer you culinary delights - for breakfast, lunch or coffee.

If you plan to combine your visit at FloraFarm Ginseng with another interesting location of the Lüneburg heath, we can make you a special offer: Our combined packages with special rates for exciting and varied day or half day trips.

All offerings include a guided tour to Europe's only ginseng gardens, where you will learn a lot about South Korea's "man like root", which was once even outweighed by gold for its healing powers.

The program part on the FloraFarm lasts a total of approx. 2.5 hours and includes, in addition to the guided tour and getting to know our products, a subsequent lunch (roast plate "Almut" with vegetables, regional potatoes and cream sauce) or the "Heidjer Kaffeegedeck" (buckwheat cake and butter cake with coffee or tea) in the ginseng café. Individual deviations from our packages, we like to discuss with you: With early booking, almost everything is possible!

Visit us - we are looking forward to welcoming you!

Please take a look into our leaflet for groups (german).

We gladly take your booking by phone +49 (0) 5162-1393, by fax +49 (0) 5162-981530 or by e-mail.

Interessante und kostenlose Führung durch die Ginseng-Gärten der FloraFarm

Führungen durch die Ginseng-Gärten der FloraFarm