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FloraFarm Ginseng - special offers for groups

You are looking for both an attractive and extraordinary destination for a day trip, a jubilee trip, for trips with seniors or company groups to the heath blossoming etc.? 

Then you're in the right place at the FloraFarm with its unique ginseng gardens.

Contact us - we will arrange everything for you!

Our special offers:

In our leaflet for groups you will find some more information!

  • A healthy start with FloraFarm Ginseng

Start the day full of verve - with a delicious Helkenhof breakfast on the FloraFarm! In addition to sweet and savory treats, let us spoil you with a glass of sparkling wine. A mug of ginseng tea will get you in the mood for a guided tour to the unique Ginseng Gardens.

You can combine this program with other destinations of our group offers.

For groups of 20 people or more.

Price per person: 8,50 Euro

Available all year round.

  • Ginseng, birds & flowers

Discover the fascinating world of birds - at the Weltvogelpark Walsrode. Close encounters with the feathered friends await you in the new Welli paradise or the Australian adventure world Toowoomba. Entertaining penguin feedings, tropical jungle worlds as well as spectacular out- and indoor shows with birds of prey, parrots & Co. offer extraordinary experiences in a unique atmosphere.

Let yourself be enchanted by one of the most beautiful garden paradises of Germany and experience its splendor of color as the seasons change.
More than 3 million bulbus plants will be blossoming from March on, with more than 120 rhododendron species following in mid-May in countless color varieties. In summer, roses in more than 70 varieties bewitches all senses, followed by the impressive colors of the "Indian Summer" in autumn. Look over the gardeners' shoulders and be inspired by the lovingly designed gardens.

all-inclusive: guided tour and lunch at FloraFarm, entrance fee and coffee break in the Weltvogelpark.

Price per person: 31,50 Euro

Available from mid-March until the end of October

Time needed: approx. 6-7 hours

  • Ginseng ahoi!

A seetrip is funny. An Aller-Weser trip even more so. The wave of enthusiasm takes you all the way down to the mouth of the Weser, to the Intscheder Wehr and back to Verden - passing by beautiful landscapes and picturesque villages. Discover Lower Saxony leisurely from the waterside. Enjoy two hours of pure relaxation with coffee and cake. Full speed ahead!

all-inclusive: guided tour and lunch at FloraFarm, cruise and coffee brake on the "Flotte Weser".

Price per person: 28,50 Euro

Available: March to December; wednesday and Sunday (other days upon request for groups of more than 50 people)

Time needed: approx. 5,5 hours

  • Ginseng & comedy

For comedy fun in two acts "Heidjer Bernie" awaits you in the middle of the BackTheater. Here not only the dough is kneaded, but your laughing muscles are also pepped up. Curtain up for an entertaining program - join in. Music and fun guarantee a break from everyday life!

All-inclusive: guided tour and lunch at FloraFarm, performance, Coffee break with musical entertainment in the BackTheater, 1 bread as a gift.

Price per person: 36,00 Euro

Available: February until December

Time needed: approx. 6 hours

  • Ginseng, bog & adventure

A fun carriage ride takes you from the hotel Forellenhof into the nature reserve with one of the most beautiful bogs in Lower Saxony. Experience the natural landscape and the mysterious depths of the "Grundloser See". On the way, you can enjoy a rustic coffeebreak with German Buttercake.

All-inclusive: guided tour and lunch at FloraFarm, carriage ride from the hotel Forellenhof and coffee break (buttercake and coffee).

Price per person: 25,00 Euro

Available all year round.

Time needed: approx. 6 hours

  • Ginseng, wax & candle design

Impressive candle art to touch: In the Walsroder Zierkerzenmanufaktur Heide-Wachs, candles are made according to old, art-crafted tradition. Here you can watch the carvers at work and buy the beautiful works of art directly at the factory. Afterwards, the Waldgaststätte Eckernworth awaits you for a fortifying lunch.

All-inclusive: visit of the candle factory, lunch at Eckernworth Restaurant, guided tour and Heidjer coffeebreak at the FloraFarm.

Price per person: 16,00 Euro

Available all year round.

Time needed: approx. 5 hours


  • Ginseng, Hermann Löns & Walsrode

A guided city tour with interesting details about the life and work of the well-known local poet Hermann Löns as well as stories about the historical and present Walsrode bring history to life. The city church with its valuable organ, the Virgin-Mary-bell and carved sculptures is one of the highlights of this special tour.

Optionally bookable with a visit to the oldest of the six heath monasteries and its art treasures (guided tour inclusive, time needed: approx.1,5 hours, extra charge: 3,00 Euro per person)

All-inclusive: guided tour and lunch at FloraFarm („Lönsteller“: venison goulash with spaetzle, red cabbage and cranberries ), guided city tour (in your own bus) and sightseeing as well as coffee break at the restaurant Waldgaststätte Eckernworth.

Price per person: 20,50 Euro

Available all year round.

Time needed: approx. 4-5 hours

  • Ginseng & the wondrous world of the Iserhatsche

Iserhatsche is Swedish and means iron heart. Thus, the builder, the Royal Prussian Councilor Ernst Nölle, was called as a child by his mother. The site with the 30-room hunting villa is a curious mix of styles from Neo-Rococo to Wilhelminian style. The heath-fort Montagnetto with the volcano being activated with the push of a button, a baroque garden and much more form a site that is considered to be the Neuschwanstein of northern Germany. You just have to see it!

All-inclusive: guided tour and lunch at FloraFarm, entrance fee, guided tour and coffee break at the Iserhatsche.

Price per person: 25,50 Euro

Available all year round.

Time needed: approx. 5,5-6 hours.

  • Ginseng & heath, all year round!

You missed the heath blooming season? Don't worry, you don't have to wait until next year! In the area of outstanding natural beauty near Schneverdingen you will find the most beautiful heathland in the region - 365 days a year. In the lovingly created heath garden you can see over 130 heaths and about 120,000 plants, which offer a colorful flower potpourri all year round. It's worth a visit!

All-inclusive:guided tour and lunch at FloraFarm, guided tour at the heath garden (1 hour) and a coffee break in Schneverdingen.

Price per person: 20,00 Euro

Available all year round.

Time needed: approx. 5,5 hours

  • Ginseng & the stork nests

The glacial valley between Aller and Leine is an ideal nursery for white storks, and therefore, almost every idyllic village in the region has a stork nest.
A tour guide expert accompanies you from nest to nest and gives you insights into the nursery of the "lucky charms", i. a. also via the "stork television". On this tour, which also passes by historical gems of the Heidekreis, you will learn in an entertaining and informative way interesting facts as well as curious but also surprising details about the way of life of the storks and people in the Aller-Leine valley.

This tour can be booked on request as a bike tour.

All-inclusive: guided tour and lunch (meat plate "Almut") at FloraFarm, guided round trip along the stork route in your own bus, "Heidjer" coffee break at FloraFarm.

Price per person: 19,00 Euro

Available from May until August.
At other times bookable as "corner & angle tour": The focus is then placed on the sights of the idyllic landscape and the historic villages (without visiting the stork nests).

Time needed: approx. 6,5 hours

  • Ginseng, lions & live-safari

Experience wild and exotic animals close-up: giraffes, elephants, lions, monkeys ... You should not miss this impressive safari through the Serengeti Park with its four adventure areas (animal-, monkey-, leisure- and waterland). In addition to nature experiences, shows and unique attractions provide fun and action. Start your expedition - a unique experience for youths and adults in Europe.

All-inclusive: guided tour and lunch at FloraFarm, entrance fee, coffee break and a tour with the Serengeti bus through the park.

Price per person: 33,00 Euro

Available from mid-March until end of October.

Time needed: approx. 6-7 hours

  • Ginseng & Chili - the sharp version!

In the heath they meet: ginseng from the far east and the chili plant from the west. Central and South America are the home of the spicy husk, which found its way into our kitchens due to its sensational taste just giving many dishes the right kick. Learn a lot about the cultivation and use of this spice plant when visiting the chili fields. In the farm shop you will certainly find out the right degree of piquancy for you when tasting the variaty of chili preparations.

All-inclusive: guided tour and lunch at FloraFarm (Chili con carne), guided tour, lecture and coffee break at the Chili Manufactory.

Price per person: 17,50 Euro

Available: June until September (June/September only mondays – fridays)

Time needed: approx. 5 hours

  • Ginseng & relatives

Besides the famous castle the royal town of Celle has one of the largest medicinal herb gardens in Europe.  Take a walk between fragrant medicinal herbs, rest by the bubbling spring pot and learn on a guided tour how individual medicinal plants were used by Pastor Kneipp or Hildegard von Bingen. Afterwards, you will be spoiled with homemade cake baked according to old receipes at the café „KräuThaer“. This is supervised by students of the Albrecht-Thaer-Schule, whose name is dedicated to the founder of scientific agriculture.

All-inclusive:  guided tour and lunch at FloraFarm,  guided tour and entrance fee at the herb garden, coffee break in the café „KräuThaer“

Price per person: 20,00 Euro

Available: April until September.

Time needed: approx. 5,5 hours

(Bildinhaber: Celle Tourismus und Marketing GmbH, © CTM)

  • Ginseng & the blueberries

The blueberry, also called bilberry or worthleberry, belongs to the heather family or in short: It is a very tasty and healthy fruit that matures in our region on large plantations until it is a healthy treat. Visit the blueberry plantation and learn more about the growing, harvesting and processing of this popular fruit on a guided tour followed by a product tasting.

All-inclusive: guided tour, lunch and coffee break at FloraFarm, tasting on the plantation

Price per person: 15,80 Euro

Available: May until September.

Time needed: approx. 5 hours

  • Ginseng & culinary delight

Passing by typical heathland, you will reach the idyllic "Verwöhnhotel Heide-Kröpke". On a nature trail you will learn interesting facts about crops and rural livestock in the region. During summer the buckwheat blossom draws everyone's attention. Culinary delights are offered by the "Lower Saxonian plate", which strengthens you with seasonal products from the region for the subsequent exploration of the ginseng gardens. The tasty completion of your tour is the traditional buckwheat cake in the Ginseng-Café.

All-inclusive: walk along the nature trail, "Lower Saxonian plate" (seasonal products like venison, German moorland sheep, buckwheat side dishes etc.) at the Hotel Heide-Kröpke, guided tour and "Heidjer" coffee break at FloraFarm.

Price per person: 23,50 Euro

Available: April until October

Time needed: approx. 5 hours