Asian wisdom, German cultivation quality - the ideal combination!

If you love the original and like the bittersweet taste of the ginseng root, taking the roots is an alternative to the use of the ginseng capsules.
Whether root or capsule, the effect is the same.
The active ingredients are absorbed into the body either through the oral mucosa or through the small intestine and distributed to all relevant destinations.

Even with the use of dried ginseng roots we recommend a 100-day treatment with a daily dose of 1-2 grams of ginseng, but a permanent intake also is possible.
The best way is to take the 3-5 pieces (approx. 1 g ) in the first half of the day, not in direct contact with caffeinated beverages.

Let the root portion melt in your mouth as long as possible - until it is quite soft - before you swallow it.
Thus, the active ingredients are absorbed optimally through the oral mucosa.

Also the preparation of ginseng tea is possible with FloraFarm products.