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Ginseng harvest on the FloraFarm

The ginseng harvest at FloraFarm takes place  in fall - usually in October. If the weather is dry, the ginseng fields - containing the 6-year-old roots - get harvested. Overall, FloraFarm cultivates the "human shaped" ginsengroots on an area of about 9 hectares. Most of the harvesting has do be done by hand because the roots are very sensitive and can hardly be harvested with normal equipment.
After grubbing and picking up the roots from the field by hand, they have to be cleaned and sorted in terms of size. Thereafter, they are dried and further processed.

This very busy time always is a time when television crews etc. like to visit the FloraFarm to report from Germany's only ginseng gardens.

Radio- and TV-reports

  • The broadcaster fan24.tv - a regional TV-station for Lower Saxony - visited FloraFarm. They started their broadcast in fall 2011.

Of course, the "unique" things of Lower Saxony shouldn't be missed and therefore, FloraFarm was one of the first destinations for a shooting and interview date.

Gesine Wischmann im Interview mit Philipp Maasberg von Fan24 tv.


  • In 2014 TV host Jan Rimpl visited the FloraFarm several times and created this report for the ARD show Buffet.
  • Did you miss the show "Good evening" on 17 March 2011 in the regional program of RTL? Then just take a look here!
  • On March 3rd, 2011 there was a live report about FloraFarm in the show "Mein Nachmittag" on NDR.

Blue skies and sunshine drew the ginseng fields into the right light. On the historical site of FloraFarm a bunch of employees of the NDR were busy with supervising the live broadcast with great effort and fleet. Main topics of the report,  the NDR moderator Sven Tietzer made interviews with Gesine Wischmann and her sister Henrike Rodemeier - the "heads" of FloraFarm - for, were the ginseng harvest and processing.