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Ginseng for athletes

... works for more than 2,000 years!

There are three good reasons why you, as an athlete, should give the "power root" a try:

For more power!

To set a new (even personal) record is not as difficult as it looks - if the necessary power reserves are available. Of course, this includes, above all, regular training and a balanced, personalized diet. For that, an active ingredient supports you that provides strength and power for over 2,000 years: Without any risk of doping ginseng gives you the necessary amount of strength!

For more concentration!

Building and maintaining tension, aiming at the goal, remaining calm, taking time and not letting up for a moment until the right moment is there - that requires the highest concentration. And it may take years to get to that point.

We give FloraFarm Ginseng six years to reach full maturity - that's why it helps you to get the necessary rest and concentration at all times.

For better condition!

In order to achieve maximum performance, it also requires persevering preparation. To give you the necessary stamina, we also give our ginseng roots a long preparation time: They grow under careful care for six years, then their active ingredients can help you to achieve top athletic performance . With ginseng you are the decisive nose ahead!

Gesine's personal tip

"My motto is: as versatile as possible. In addition to golf, jogging, yoga and gymnastics are my main sports. While I am jogging, I let my mind wander and often come up with the best ideas. Yoga gives me the necessary strength and balance to concentrate on my next tasks. Due to the fitness gym I have a very good body awareness and feel just about fit and strong! Despite exhausting office days and numerous business trips, ginseng helps me to keep up with my training program and I can always achieve personal records - give it a try!"