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Ginseng for animals

Beastly good: Ginsanimal and Cavallo

Animal feed additive with ginseng for dogs, cats and horses

Many studies on the effectiveness of ginseng have been conducted with animals. Yet, for a long time, no one came up with the idea to use ginseng as a healing and restorative remedy for animals themselves.

Nowadays, with Ginsanimal and Cavallo there are expecially processed ginseng products for dogs, cats and horses available.

The following effects have been observed at the application:

  • improved general condition and increased vitality
  • improved feed intake
  • increased fertilization and foaling rate (horses)
  • faster recovery of the pulmonary circulation (horses)
  • lower susceptibility to stress, faster regeneration, shiny fur
  • stimulation of the metabolism
  • more zest for life and motivation
  • increased mobility of older animals

This animal feed additive contains high quality ginseng extract - the best fitness program for your pet.

Help from nature - for a long and happy animal life!