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Ginseng dosage

In general, it is recommended to start the treatment for about 100 days with a daily dose of 1-2 grams of ginseng root with a minimum active ingredient content of 1.5% (DAB).

Since FloraFarm ginseng regularly provides the highest level of purity and high density of active ingredients compared to other suppliers, one gram of ginseng roots or 2 capsules of FloraFarm ginseng SL per day is sufficient.

We recommend taking ginseng in the first half of the day. Please avoid the consumption of coffee or black tea at the same time.

In contrast to synthetic medicines, which usually have a very targeted and rapid effect, ginseng needs some time to make the body feel its regulating effect.
But the effect also lasts for a long time extending the intake period, so you usually get by with one or two ginseng cures per year.
For those who are constantly exposed to increased stress or suffering from severe chronic diseases, we recommend two 100-day cures per year or a permanent ginseng use.