Genuine Korean Ginseng of German high-quality cultivation!

The more concentrated ginseng is used, the better it will show its positive effects. Therefore, we do not offer mixed preparations, tea bags or other tinctures - only the pure roots or ginsengroot dry extract in capsule form.

In the production we work together with selected partners. They make sure that only our roots are processed and that the further processing is done with all possible caret.

Whether you use capsules or roots finally is a matter of personal preferences. Concerning the effect, both forms are equally good. Whereas the capsules provide the easiest and most convenient way of intake, the intake of the roots is a bit cheaper, but - as they must be kept in the mouth for longer period of time - the taste is not pleasing to everyone.

We recommend a 100-day treatment with a daily dose of 1-2 grams of ginseng, but a permanent intake also is possible.

One capsule FloraFarm Ginseng SL contains 166.7 mg ginseng root dry extract. This corresponds to 0.5 g (500 mg) Ginseng. Therefore, already 2-4 capsules per day are sufficient to get the recommended daily dose.

But not only the amount of ginseng is decisive for a quality product, but also in particular the content of active ingredients (ginsenosides). The European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur) stipulates for listed drugs - and that is what our high-quality FloraFarm Ginseng SL capsules are - a minimum content of 0.4 % ginsenosides. Regularly conducted analyzes always show an active ingredient content for our ginseng which is at least twice as high!

We recommend taking the capsules in the first half of the day, preferably after breakfast and not in direct combination with caffeinated beverages.

Also the preparation of ginseng tea is possible with FloraFarm Ginseng SL capsules.

Ginseng SL

Active ingredient: The pharmaceutical component is dry ginseng root extract in relation of drug to extract as 2,1-3,9:1. The extracting agent is ethanol 40% (V / V). Ginseng SL is a herbal remedy for strengthening.

Ginseng SL is used as a tonic for strengthening and fortifying those suffering from tiredness, weakness, reduced efficiency and ability to concentrate.
Regarding risks and side effects, please read the package insert and ask your doctor or phamacist.