Ginseng - the root of beauty

Our cosmetic series for daily care is named Balance.
As the active ingredients of ginseng act from the inside - balancing and harmonizing - they act on and under the skin. Ginseng retards the aging of the skin, sooths irritations and provides an agreeable and relaxed feeling in the skin. It improves the binding of the moisture and thereby ensures, through increased metabolism, better perfusion.
The best conditions for a pleasant, relaxed skin feeling and a fresh look.

The Balance cosmetics series is especially suitable for dry, sensitive skin.
It contains no preservatives and is dermatologically tested.

Ginseng in skincare

Ginseng is long since regarded as a beauty product especially for the skin from mid-30, which is increasingly suffering from dryness and wrinkles. It supports the regeneration, stimulates the general functions of the skin and refreshes it. Due to its high content of vitamins and phytosterols ginseng stimulates cell division and prevents the formation of wrinkles.The skin gains in firmness and elasticity.

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