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Celebrities and Ginseng

Celebrities swear by FloraFarm Ginseng!

Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt

Altkanzler Helmut Schmidt und Heinrich Wischmann auf der FloraFarm

The former German Chancellor took ginseng for more than 40 years and for more than 10 years he was a customer and friend of FloraFarm.

His wife Loki discovered FloraFarm Ginseng for the Schmidts. As a passionate and nationally recognized herbalist, she attended the ginseng gardens on several occasions.
An interview during her visit to the FloraFarm (Ginseng Festival) you will find here.

Ginseng pioneer Heinrich Wischmann talking with Helmut Schmidt during a visit of FloraFarm.

Justus Frantz

Starpianist Justus Frantz zu Gast bei FloraFarm Ginseng

One of the most famous friends of the FloraFarm is Professor Justus Frantz. The conductor and concert pianist performs approximately 200 concerts a year and also as a Music Manager he still has a lot of plans.

Justus Frantz has been advised on ginseng by Leonard Bernstein: The Maestro always prepared himself with ginseng prior to his concerts. Although the world-renowned pianist also finds the scientific arguments in favor of ginseng convincing, he, as a virtuoso of music , has his own theory:

"Ginseng has a similarly strong effect as music. Also music acts 'adaptogen' and can produce very different, even opposing moods. Music can inspire, fire our imagination and release unimagined power. Music can influence our well-being and even stimulate plants to stronger growth.
For me a g inseng cure is a permanent symphony for my body cells. I take 2 capsules Ginseng SL daily and to the question "And how are you?", the FloraFarm provides in all promotional materials, I can only answer: 'I'm feeling Ginseng' "!


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