GESINE W - rejuvenating care

with ginseng for the skin from the mid-thirties

The latest recipe for young skin is at least partially pretty old - more than 2.000 years. In ancient China the soothing effect of ginseng already was used to obtain an even complexion.

The Anti-Aging cosmetic series GESINE W combines the traditional ginseng root mode of action with the latest scientific knowledge of dermatology. An extraordinary composition of valuable active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, an exclusive vitamin complex, apricot cernel and almond oil and especially ginseng make this cosmetic a very special one. The combination of ginseng and other carefully selected ingredients lead to:

  •  delay in the aging process
  •  alleviation of skin irritations and
  •  improved moisture retention

The results are a winkle reducing and evenlevelled complexion - no matter if früh. or spät..

The frest and healthy appearance of our skin is not a question of age. It is a question of proper care!

All products are dermatologically tested and harmoniously composed.

Made in Germany for FloraFarm GmbH.