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Active components of ginseng

The active ingredients of ginseng, the so-called ginsenosides, are responsible for the broad spectrum of action of the medicinal plant.

Whether hay fever, potency disorders, stress or mood swings - the active ingredients of ginseng bring the body back into balance.
Since their chemical structure is similar to many of the body's own substances, the effect often works according to the "key lock principle" - and this usually without any interactions and side effects. Thus, important functions in the energy balance of the body can be fulfilled with the help of ginseng.

Meanwhile, almost 40 different ginsenosides are known, which are named with codes. For example, the most important ones are Rg1 and Rb1.

The most important site of action of the ginsenosides is probably the hypothalamus - a region in the midbrain from which all hormonal and neural processes are centrally controlled, which serve to maintain the state of equilibrium in the body.

But not only the ginsenosides make ginseng so valuable to our health. Also

  • polysaccharides (sugar),
  • minerals (sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium),
  • trace elements (i.a. iron, zinc, selenium),
  • vitamines (B12, biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid) and
  • essential amino acids (arginine)

are components of this medicinal root.

This animated film explains in an understandable way the effect of ginsenosides!